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About Melanesia

Hippie Chik is a lifestyle, and as of now a hand crafted and curated online boutique. Our Muse/Jewelry Designer/Curator is Melanesia Hunter, a bold & fearless entrepreneur known for her genuine personality and effortless style. This store is going to be like shopping in her closet, and taking a trip in her world!!!  

"This isn’t just about selling clothes for me…It ties into everything that I am's a part of a movement... It’s a lifestyle… that I am personally living everyday…This brand..along with all of my other brands will be like the essence of me and what I stand for. 

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Hippie Chik out here in the world so I'm making it easy for us and bringing the lifestyle to my store, to my events, and into my career.  All of the things I wish I could find ...I create.... all of the things that inspire me or are a part of my personal lifestyle... I buy for the store ...and all of my designer friends/ friends with online boutiques and stores... I SUPPORT their designs and brands will also be present on Hippie Chik.

I’m not a stylist…or some kind of self proclaimed fashion guru… I’m just Mel...a leader and a dreamer born and raised in Bessemer, Alabama. I'm a Hippie Chik who dreams of freedom and comfort, and I love cool shit!  Look around…. Every piece on this site is something I like, have, or would wear….A lot of jewelry will actually be handmade by me, and some clothing pieces will be handmade too. Some things will have duplicates… Some will not… But everything...and I do mean everything will be awesome!!!


I love you guys already!!! I'm looking forward to uniting with all of my Hippie Chiks all over the world! 

   ~ @Melanesia_

You can also view my work as a make up artist at and check out so other cool stuff I'm cooking up at